There are two ways to cope with our complex world: psychotherapy, or a book of cartoons - opt for the cheaper. I Am Moderately Fond of Australia is a paperback collection of Somerville cartoons placing an X-Ray on everything from GM dog shit to God, sex, death and bathrooms. These pages will cast light on into dark corners but still leave you comfortably bewildered. Hardi Grant Books (2001), 104pp, $26 (AUS) plus $5 postage.
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The warmest way to share something very personal without spreading a disease is to send a cartoon Greeting Card. Many of Phil Somerville's cartoon drawings are available as archival-ink prints mounted on quality folded card stock with envelope and supplied in cellophane. Full colour. Nothing expresses your love and joy like visual irony. $4.50 (AUS) each or a six-pack for $24 (AUS).
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The Fine Print All graphic images and text are copyright © the artist Philip Somerville.